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Build your Customer Success

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Design a custom outsourcing solution that enables you to enjoy ease and ultimate peace of mind. We’ve got you.

Customer Support Outsourcing Companies

Want to feel assured that your customers are being well taken care of? We know how. Your dedicated CS specialists will become experts in your world so they can protect what you’ve built. Your team will be always there to pivot right along with your business changes.

Save 69% more every month

In-house staff costs

Techsho Team costs

Monthly cost per Customer Success specialist

Experienced Specialists

Data-Driven Processes

Consultative Approach

Curated and Customized Experiences

Cost-Efficient Solution

Operate on a 24/7/365 basis

and discover how we can help you retain customers and improve customer satisfaction

Better ticket handling

Experience a decrease in escalations, first response time & resolution time with our dedicated external support team.

Quick first response

Timely resolutions

Less Escalations

Customer Success B2B Teams

Keep on scaling while your customers are taken care of

Since we'll handle recruitment and provide support to your customers, crucial company resources are going to be freed up for you. This way, you can repurpose key elements to product or service development.

best support teams in Brazil

The process — Multichannel Approach

Social Media Support

Inbound or Outbound Phone Support

Live Chat Support

Knowledge Base and Community Support

Techsho has been instrumental in transforming our customer support processes. We've witnessed a reduction in churn rates, improved retention, and enhanced customer satisfaction overall. Plus, this collaboration saved us both time and money.

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We specialize in outsourcing technical support for various software and IT devices. Our experts can assist your customers with any mobile app, hardware, or software product. A significant portion of our clientele consists of SaaS companies. Simply communicate your requirements, and we'll assemble and train a dedicated team exclusively for your account. Our teams are proficient in handling any proprietary technology your business utilizes.

Not a big deal! Our experts are flexible to seamlessly adjust to any product modifications and can swiftly reacquaint themselves as necessary. We recommend notifying us in advance of any impending changes so that your outsourced team remains well-informed. This proactive approach ensures readiness for any potential increase in customer queries due to alterations in your product.

Consider us as an additional arm of your team, dedicated to assisting your customers in navigating your technology. Importantly, we strictly adhere to your SOPs, business objectives, and product roadmap. The only notable distinction is our likely geographical separation! In the event of reported bugs or noteworthy customer feature requests, we promptly relay the information to you. As a standard practice, we recommend weekly meetings during the initial 90 days of your team going live, transitioning to monthly thereafter. These sessions serve as a platform to explore team growth prospects and address any pertinent concerns.

It really depends on what your business requires, so it's a good idea to talk with us about your expectations. Just to give you an idea, we can help you set up a team for:

- Tier 2 & 3 Support
- Quality Assurance
- Advanced Troubleshooting
- Remote Assistance

Ready to burn the churn and boost customer satisfaction?

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