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How Techsho works

When we bring on a new client, we learn about their industry, goals, and culture. Our team uses this information, along with proven sales methods, creativity, and experience, to create a reliable sales channel.

Our process

Our clients' results

opportunities yearly

opportunities yearly

deal closing rate

deal closing rate

ROI achieved

ROI achieved

cost of in-house team

cost of in-house team

saved in Total SDR Monthly Cost

saved in Total SDR Monthly Cost

tailored solutions

Win more clientsπŸ’‘

With our result-oriented process that facilitates your business growth. Would you like to learn more?

Values behind Techsho processes


We don't settle for halfway measures in our work. Regardless of the complexity or the industry's uniqueness, we aim for the ideal blend of attainable and rewarding outcomes. This standard applies to our tools, our team, and ourselves.


Our most precious resource is time, and we handle it with care. Punctuality is a priority; we set practical deadlines, utilize tools, extensions, and calendars effectively. By saving your time, we empower you to accomplish more within shorter periods.


As soon as we get in touch with your team, your goals are our goals and your success is our priority. We are ready for intense brainstorming, sudden challenges, and growing pains β€” as long as it ends with your growth.

our process

Your Sales on Autopilot πŸš€

Structured onboarding
Deep research
Content writing
team synergy
honest feedback
outsourcing companies in Pakistan

Sales-Ready Deals Like Magic

We create demand

We find leads

We qualify leads

You get sales ready demos

other companies
Framework-based workflow

Limited by the vendor role

Lack of feedback

Contract-oriented approach

Unexperienced teams

Out of your set budget

Balance between framework and flexibility

Integration into clients' team

Results-oriented approach

Cost-saving solutions

Experienced team of specialists with industry knowledge

Have an idea?

Have an idea?


Businesses that benefit from our solutions

Investors πŸ“ˆSoftwares πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»eCommerce πŸ“Mobile Apps


Have questions in mind? Let's talk

Our distinctive process positions us as your consultants, partners, and essential team members. Beginning with a thorough onboarding process and delving into the details of your business, we aim to create the most effective growth strategy. With your success as main goal, we deliver results-oriented, KPI-focused services, motivating our teams to achieve your goals.

At Techsho, we train our sales team to understand your brand and values, ensuring they convey your message effectively.Β 

Sure, you'll have full control. We work closely with you to align our efforts with your goals.

Yes, outsourcing can save money on recruiting, sales enablement tools and training. Techsho offers flexible pricing that fits your budget.

We use tools to keep communication smooth (or integrate to your internal communication) plus, you'll have a dedicated contact person.

Yes, our model is built for growth and change, supporting your business as it evolves.

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