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Data-driven solutions, powered by human intelligence

Maximize your SaaS business potential improving your sales and customer support operations with external dedicated teams.

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Tailored for your business

Techsho's tailored services are designed to meet your unique needs and grow your business in the dynamic SaaS landscape

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Cost Efficient

Pay only for the services you need with Techsho and eliminate the overheads of a full-time, in-house rep, covering salaries, benefits, office space, and equipment.

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SaaS Expertise

Create a top-tier team using the latest tools, tech, and strategies in the market. Ensure your SaaS benefits from best practices without the need for in-house team training.

Scalability and Flexibility

We are flexible to scale up or down accordingly. We additionally provide 24/7 coverage if needed, catering to different time zones and ensuring that potential leads are engaged promptly.

Enjoy customized solutions for growth and retention

We empower SaaS businesses to scale and succeed by providing a high-performing remote team, assisting with management, training, and aligning goals and values.

Sales & Business Development

Transform your business with precise lead generation, elevated multichannel outbound prospecting, and a strategic playbook for appointment setting.

Customer Success

Boost customer success seamlessly with our expert dedicated teams. Elevate client satisfaction, retention and growth for SMB seeking expansion.

Translation & Localization

Expand your business to other geographies with a dedicated multilingual team to translate your software/app, documentation and situate your brand in the market.

Social Media Management

Increase awareness, conversions, engagement and revenue growth with our Social Media & Digital Marketing solutions.

Software & App Development

Affordable and reliable software and app development solution for seamless functionality and optimal user experience.

Fuel your pipeline with warm and qualified leads while saving costs with Techsho

Get Started In 4 Steps

Learn more about our engagement model from onboarding to go-live and reporting

B2B SaaS Outsourced Teams


After sign-up and submission of onboarding docs, we study your business in depth, learn about the product or service and begin training the team.


We draw a comprehensive strategy and plan on how to implement it over the coming months. Joint effort to finalize the playbook and align teams.


It takes at least one week for a Lead-Gen team, two weeks for a sales development team and four weeks for a customer success team to Go-Live.


We manage and track performance on your behalf for constant improvement by real-time transparency and reporting.

Trusted By Market Leaders

Techsho dedicated teams are just like your in-house staff - but hassle-free!

AspectOutsourced Techsho Teaminternal team
ExpertiseAccess specialized skills and industry knowledge.Relies on internal hires; requires training.
CostsLower upfront costs; pay for needed services.Higher upfront expenses; salaries, benefits, and overhead.
FlexibilityEasily scale up or down based on business needs.Fixed team size; may face challenges during fluctuations.
Time-to-MarketQuick deployment; faster project launches.Longer recruitment; delayed time-to-market.
Focus on Core ActivitiesAllows you to focus on core business functions.Requires management attention to build and oversee teams.
Global PresenceAccess to a global talent pool and diverse skill sets.Local talent pool; may lack diversity in skill sets.
Risk MitigationShared responsibility; we manage certain risks.Full responsibility; internal risks are solely managed.
Technology and ToolsAccess to the latest tools, trends and tech in the industry.May require continuous investment in technology upgrades and training.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Support Team

Appointment setting is the process of researching decision-makers, creating and launching outbound marketing campaigns, and ultimately introducing qualified leads to the sales team.

Tracking down key decision-makers and creating personalized outreach campaigns that convert in sales is not only time-consuming but also very expensive.

We invest in real-time intent data to pinpoint the companies that are searching for your products and services.

By leveraging our workflow, your assigned sales representatives will reach out to decision-makers that meet your ideal customer profiles through a personalized omnichannel lead generation strategy. As a result, your sales team will have appointments delivered straight to their calendars with decision-makers that have already gone through the lead qualification process.

With Techsho, you can access top sales talent and cutting-edge sales technology, while freeing up your time and resources to focus on your core business activities. Simply your sales on autopilot.

We have strategic office locations in Islamabad (Pakistan) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). However, since most of our employees work remotely, your team can be based anywhere in the world. It also depends on your targeted market and language.

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