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How an AdTech company increased sales by 54% with strategic sales process optimization

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, mastering the sales process is no longer just an option – it’s a necessity. In this case study, we explore the inspiring success story of a client*, in the AdTech industry, that achieved exceptional sales growth by making some changes in their sales process.

You should read this article if:

  • You’re a C-level executive
  • You’re a Sales/Business Development Manager, Director or VP
  • You work in the SaaS industry
  • You’re looking to drive revenue growth and gain a competitive edge
  • You urgently need more meetings that result in SALES!

The AdTech industry is known for its dynamic and rapidly evolving nature, presenting both opportunities and challenges for businesses operating within it – the subject you were talking about last weekly may not apply anymore today. Our client, a leading AdTech company in France, was experiencing stagnant sales growth despite offering innovative and budget-friendly solutions to advertisers and publishers.


  • Inconsistent sales performance: Fluctuating sales results due to ineffective lead generation and inadequate sales processes internally.
  • Limited scalability: Difficulty in scaling sales operations in certain regions to accommodate business growth without compromising quality.
  • Fragmented data and lack of insights: Challenges in accessing and analyzing critical sales data for strategic decision-making.

Our Approach:

Techsho was hired to set up a team of 4 business development reps (including a manager), in which they had to generate demand for the new solution, deep research leads (using trigger-based indicators) for better and more relevant approach, and book weekly meetings with decision-makers. Upon identifying their key pain points, the chosen approach focused on three main areas:

  1. Sales Process Optimization: Techsho conducted a comprehensive audit of the client’s existing sales processes and identified areas for improvement. This included streamlining lead generation, refining sales messaging, and implementing effective sales enablement tools.
  1. Sales Team Training and Development: Techsho provided tailored training sessions for the sales team, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed about both: role and company they’re representing. This included training on effective prospecting techniques, objection handling, and negotiation strategies.
  1. Data-driven Decision Making: Our motto is “Data-driven sales powered by human intelligence” for a reason! Techsho implemented advanced tools to provide real-time insights into sales performance and customer behavior. This allowed us (and the client) to optimize sales strategies accordingly.


  • 54% increase in sales revenue within the first year of implementation.
  • 5 meetings booked every week.
  • 3 new high-ticket sales closed in the first 2 months.
  • 30% improvement in lead conversion rates, resulting in a higher ROI on sales efforts.
  • 25% reduction in sales cycle time, enabling faster deal closures and improved efficiency.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention rates, better brand reputation.

The results were fantastic thanks to not only our expertise – but their efforts to improve and listen where they might have been outdated or wrong. Our partnership is still ongoing, and the scope is growing along with our performance.

Now, are you curious to know if you can replicate their success into your business? Let’s chat, maybe your success story starts here 🙂 Oh, and we’ll provide you a free TAM (Total Addressable Market) analysis on the call!

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