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We booked 20+ meetings a month with investors for a B2B SaaS seeking early-stage funding

Our team at Techsho has been working tirelessly to connect startups with investors globally that are looking for a ready-to-scale B2B SaaS business. Before we dive in the details and secret sauce of how we did it, let’s understand the case.

Can Techsho help startups secure funding? If so, how?

It’s no secret that thousands of startups are born every day, but not every one of them is able to secure funding to support their growth plans. In this situation, Techsho can be very helpful to entrepreneurs looking to raise capital.

Techsho connects startups with a vast network of potential investors, properly categorized by average ticket, sweet spot, the ideal investment range for their portfolio. By leveraging an extensive investor network and access to millions of venture capital, investors around the world, we increase the chances of startups finding the right match for their funding needs.

One key way Techsho aids startups in securing funding is through pitch deck optimization. Crafting a compelling pitch deck is crucial in capturing investor interest and confidence. Techsho provides expert guidance to refine pitch decks, ensuring they effectively communicate the startup’s value proposition and growth potential.

What services does Techsho provide to venture capital and investment firms?

Techsho is a leading provider of tailored solutions for venture capital and investment firms. With our expertise, we offer a range of services to enhance the investment process.

We conduct in-depth market research and analysis, providing insights into market trends, competitor landscapes, and potential opportunities. Our due diligence services evaluate target companies, analyzing financials, operations, and growth potential.

Additionally, Techsho offers strategic advisory services, helping investment analysts, partners, investors, and managers develop tailored strategies for portfolio management and value creation. We provide ongoing support through portfolio monitoring, tracking key metrics like revenue growth and market share.

With Techsho’s comprehensive services, venture capital and investment firms can make informed investment decisions and maximize return on their portfolio.

Now let’s go straight to how, in January, we helped a B2B Software secure early-stage funding through LinkedIn and email outreach.

  1. Building a Targeted Investor Network: We use LinkedIn and other various networks to identify and connect with potential investors who specialize and are ready to invest in early-stage B2B software companies of your kind. Build a network of investors who have a history of investing in similar companies.

  1. Crafting a message that speaks volume: We developed a concise and compelling message that highlights the unique value proposition of the B2B software company, its market potential, and why it’s an attractive investment opportunity for the target VC. Don’t forget to personalize the message for each investor to demonstrate genuine interest and relevance!

  1. Share Success Stories: We showcased success stories, milestones, and achievements of the B2B software company on LinkedIn and other platforms (e.g. FundersClub) to build credibility and demonstrate traction. Highlighting customer testimonials, revenue growth, product developments, and partnerships instill confidence in potential investors – whatever new you have to say.

  1. Engage in Social Selling: Sharing thought leadership content related to the B2B software industry, market trends, and emerging technologies on LinkedIn positions the company as a leader in its space. Always engage with industry influencers, participate in relevant discussions, and demonstrate expertise to attract investor attention.

  1. Offer Value in Email Outreach: In our email outreach we focused on providing value to potential investors by offering insights, industry reports, or access to exclusive content related to their preferred investment area. Tailor the email content to address the investor’s interests, investment criteria, and areas of expertise.

  1. Request Introductions: Don’t be shy, use your LinkedIn connections and mutual contacts to request introductions to potential investors. Personalized introductions from mutual connections can significantly increase the likelihood of securing meetings and gaining investor interest.

  1. Follow-up only on interested investors: Didn’t hear from your prospect after 3 emails? Don’t be pushy with the introduction, but request if they’d like to keep receiving your updates and announcements. On the other hand, following up with investors who have shown initial interest or engaged with the company’s content is must. Follow up with personalized messages, updates on company progress, and invitations to meetings or presentations to keep investors engaged and informed.

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